"Legacy Signup Special"

After 16 years of redefining the commercial loss run request process and consistently raising the standard for carrier compliance, we are finally retiring our “legacy” ATIN Loss Run Request system.

Our new Loss Run Solutions platform will launch in 2022 and the current site at allthingsinsurance.net will be replaced with lossrunsolutions.com.

This is your last chance to sign up for our service at the legacy ATIN rate.

All Memberships include unlimited access to our:

  • Loss Run Request Builder
    Use our convenient online forms to prepare requests that meet all compliance requirements
  • Comprehensive Carrier Database
    Make sure your requests go directly to the correct carrier’s loss run department
  • Loss Run Help Desk and Carrier Compliance Department
    Our team of Loss Run Procurement Specialists will help you with anything from verifying the correct carrier of record to resolving any compliance issues

Quarterly Plan 6-Month Plan Annual Plan
$450 $825
Billed every 3 months Billed every 6 months Billed every 12 months
Save 10%! Save 18%!


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